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The Warming House’s Youth Leadership Board is a platform where 6th-12th graders work together as a governing body of the Center to plan programs, assist with fundraisers, recruit teens to the Center, and spread community awareness. Teens build leadership skills, engage in team building, and help guide the vision of the Warming House.


  • Development and enhancement of leadership skills

  • Monthly volunteer opportunities 

  • Recognition of membership on Warming House website

  • Giving back to the community and being part of the next generation of Warming House leadership

  • Resume builder for college applications


  • Attend monthly Youth Leadership Board meetings 

  • Promote and attend annual Board fundraising events

  •  Participate in 6 (or more) volunteer activities annually

  • Co-facilitate 1 program annually 

  • Promote and attend all Youth Leadership Board fundraisers

  • Assist in outreach efforts to local schools

Interested in being a part of the Youth Leadership Board? 
Warming House Youth Leadership Board Application

Thanks for your interest in the WHYC Youth Leadership Board!

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